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Analyze data and convey ideas clearly with Graph Builder™. The legendary Graph Builder has been developed with over two decades of industry collaboration, is the first graph and analysis application available for Mac OSX, is also available for the iPad and is VVI's flagship product. It is a powerful application rich in graphic and data editing and programming to facilitate the visualization and analysis of information.

Purchases from VVI include a 30 day money-back guarantee, technical support and upgrades. Should you have a question or need help with Graph Builder then email support@vvi.com.

Graph Builder is available direct from VVI, the developer of Graph Builder, and from Apple on the App Store. It has undergone rigorous testing over the course of two decades and uses the latest standards on the Mac and iPad. Graph Builder is available in three editions as described below:

Graph Builder - VVI Manufacture Edition Graph Builder - Mac App Store Edition
This edition is downloaded direct from VVI and is signed with developer certificates. Purchase using paypal.com and your preferred payment option. This edition is downloaded from the Mac App Store. Purchase using your iTunes account.
Available On The App Store
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Designed for OS X 10.9 - 10.11. This edition is not sandboxed. Sales governed by the VVI 30 day money-back guarantee and Terms. Designed for OS X 10.9 - 10.11. This edition is sandboxed. Sales, including returns, are governed by the Mac App Store polices.

Graph IDE - iPad Edition Graph IDE - Development Edition
Graph Builder is available on the iTunes App Store for iPad and is called Graph IDE. Purchase using your iTunes account. Make your own data visualization applications with the projects on GitHub.
Available On The App Store Available On GitHub
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Designed for iOS 9. Sales, including returns, are governed by the iTunes App Store polices. Requires Xcode and Graph Builder.

It is important that you are satisfied with Graph Builder. Should you have a question about Graph Builder, or any of the VVI products or services, then please email sales@vvi.com or support@vvi.com.

About Vvidget

Vvidget exists as a codename for product development and is instantiated by several product lines including Graph Builder, DAQ Plot, OpenGraph, Graph, SAM (State AutoMation) and other products of Vvidget lineage. Those products are available at the Vvidget web site as well as the Mac App Store and iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Vvidget is pronounced with only one "V" as in vijit. When you put the two Vs together they look like a W as in Widget. Vvidget makes widgets specific to graphical data reporting (information visualization). The three leading characters in Vvidget are VVI and VVI is the author of Vvidget. In a nutshell, "Vvidgets are widgets made by VVI."

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