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Designed for OS X 10.9 - 10.10 and iOS 8. See Terms Of Sale.

Graph Builder™ is an interactive design environment for the visualization of information. Its core capabilities were designed and developed over two decades ago by the leading expert in the field, has been used in industry since then and is now available for the iPad. It has a good complement of 2D and 3D graph features, a full-fledged user interface and visuals can be scripted and animated. The following movie shows some of its features.

Developing your own custom data visualization applications starting from Graph Builder is easy. The following movie shows one particular example using Apple's Swift language, Graph Builder and Xcode. The project can be download by clicking this link: SwiftSineWave.zip and includes all the Swift and Graph Builder bindings (bridge headers and definitions). Further documentation is provided in the Graph Builder Reference Manual (included with Graph Builder). For additional help email support@vvi.com.

About Vvidget

Vvidget exists as a codename for product development and is instantiated by several product lines including Graph Builder, DAQ Plot, OpenGraph, Graph, SAM (State AutoMation) and other products of Vvidget lineage. Those products are available at the Vvidget web site as well as the Mac App Store and iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Vvidget is pronounced with only one "V" as in vijit. When you put the two Vs together they look like a W as in Widget. Vvidget makes widgets specific to graphical data reporting (information visualization). The three leading characters in Vvidget are VVI and VVI is the author of Vvidget. In a nutshell, "Vvidgets are widgets made by VVI."

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