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Good, good value and useful starstarstarstarstar
  by Michael Gaunt
Relatively easy to use graphical software app allowing a fair amount of customization for complex data. A good 'tool in the bag' for anyone looking to make professional graphs representing complex data, in my case for scientific publication. This is not 'all singing all dancing' but it can be very useful indeed and certainly value for the money for a stats app. The app is also updated very regularly which is definitely reassuring.
Powerful tool starstarstarstarstar
  by AIJones1980
This is a powerful graphics environment for anyone wanting to do complex graphs with minimal programming. There is some learning curve, but there are plenty of examples to get you going. Very solid and useful.

Download Links
Download Description
sales@vvi.com1 Download the legendary Graph Builder application. Designed for OS X 10.11 and distributed as a digitally signed installer package which installs Graph Builder to the /Applications directory.
GitHub/VVI See GitHub for Graph Builder extensions including plugins and the Graph IDE application project for iPad.
Graph.app.zip1 Download the Graph application. Designed for OS X 10.11.
Graph12.1.1.app.zip1 (archived version) Download the Graph application. Designed for OS X 10.9-10.11.
1. Governed by the End User License Agreement (EULA).

Other Product Links
Item Buy Description
Standard Support $195.00 Click this link to buy standard support. Includes one year of technical support and upgrades.
Data Acquisition Click this link to see data acquisition hardware and software price lists.
Graph IDE $599.99 Click this link to buy Graph IDE for Mac OS X 10.11.

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