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Peer Visual Server: Where Big Data Meets Visualization
April 11, 2018

VVI® today announced version 12.9.3 of the Peer Visual Server™. The Peer Visual Server is one of the most widely deployed visualization servers in the world. It vends W3C SVG and other image formats such as PNG and PDF to web browsers and mobile devices on demand dynamically from web application servers using backend data and standard REST service calls and can also act as an embedded state server.

Version 12.9.3 improves Cloud Services and implements IPv6 networking protocol as the default routing mechanism. Sites that vend though app servers like Apache can still vend to either IPv4 or IPv6 clients (usually web browsers or mobile devices).

Any document made with the legendary Graph IDE interactive design environment can be added to a web service resource and vend dynamic W3C SVG data visuals using the Peer Visual Server. Those visuals can represent data from any source and are generated in realtime.

The Peer Visual Server is multiprocessing, multithreaded, asynchronous, distributed, programmable, template based and can acquire data from any source. A preconfigured cloud-based SOA implementation is available at www.vvidget.org so that web developers can take it for a drive and kick its proverbial tires.


About VVI: VVI® is a privately held corporation founded in 1989. VVI's customers are world-leading companies in the banking, biotechnology, chemical, financial services, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries. Systems that VVI helped build have been operational for years and have monitored billions of dollars worth of products in real time and on a global scale.

For additional information please email info@vvi.com.

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