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VVI Celebrates Earth Day
April 22, 2014

VVI® today celebrates Earth Day with "Proof Is In The Pudding" Energy Statement:

Energy Statement: All VVI® computers, office space, lighting, Internet servers and all other electronic equipment are powered by renewable green energy from wind turbines and heated and air conditioned with geothermal sources either passive or active powered by wind turbines. Lighting is either natural or LED based.

That same type of result-oriented thinking applies to VVI's contracting services and product development where extraordinary efforts are made to deliver results above expectations. For additional information email info@vvi.com.

About VVI: VVI® is a privately held corporation founded in 1989. VVI's customers are world-leading companies in the banking, biotechnology, chemical, financial services, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries. Systems that VVI helped build have been operational for years and have monitored billions of dollars worth of products in real time and on a global scale.

Press Contact: Email press@vvi.com.

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